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Works for Pipe Organ


Ecstatic Meditations (Homage to Messiaen – Homage to Satie – Homage to Keith Jarrett – Homage to Keith Emerson)
Blue Prelude
Toccata on the name AGBA "Angel's Dance"
Welsh Fantasy
Organ Visions ("Gothic Visions from Perotinus Time" – "Celestial Visions from Beyond – Gandalf's Dream")


Mystic Pieces (n.1 "The Mystic Bourdon – n.2 "Mystic Alleluya in memory of Messiaen" – n.3 "Cantus Mysticus pro Arvo Pärt" – n.4 "Mystic Dance of Fire – To Robert Fripp") (Performed during the "Annual Festival of the New Organ Music" in London)
New Litanies in memory of Jehan Alain – "Gandalf's Dance"
Choral and Prog Dance – "To Keith Emerson"


Paradiso: Epilogue: "Towards the Stars" from "The Divine Comedy"
Towards Rivendell – Gandalf's Meditation (Commissioned from Alessandro Bianchi)


Visions from Minas Tirith – The White Tree (Poem for Organ)
Homage to Edgar Allan Poe – "The arrival of Red Death"
Concert Variations on Greensleeves (Commissioned from Christopher Herrick) (Performed during the "Annual Festival of the New Organ Music"in London)


Red Pedal Solo
White Prelude – Homage to Giovanni Boccaccio
Basilicas and Churches in Rome (Poem for Organ) (Commissioned from Michael Eckerle)
Visions from Rohan – The Golden Town (Poem for Organ)
In Memoriam Messiaen (Ecstatic Meditation & Mystic Alleluja) 


Vocalise n.1 "To my mother" (Performed during the "Annual Festival of the New Organ Music"in London)
Pan - to Giulio Sforza (Fantasy)
Variations on Gabriel's Message


Prelude in memory of Maurice Ravel
Prelude "To Lúthien" (Vocalise n.2)
Vocalise n.3 "Pour Dauphine"


Via Crucis (Stations of the Cross)


Canzona "Homage to Todi"
Canzona "Homage to Gubbio"
Trittico Toscano "Homage to Pienza":
I.Ricercare "Pienza Cathedral"
II.Canone sul nome P.I.E.N.Z.A.
III.Saltarello "Piccolomini Palace"
Vocalise n.4 "Invocation to Francesco d'Assisi"
Vocalise n.5 "To Nadja"
Il Cammino di Francesco (The way of Francis of Assisi)
Pastorale "Francesco a Greccio"
Éowyn's Memories 
The Dream of Arwen
In memoriam Teodosia 
Ostinato (Four hands)


Vocalise n.6 "To Carson" (Commissioned by Carson Cooman - Harvard University)
Three Ostinato Preludes: (Commissioned by Carson Cooman - Harvard University)
I Mystic Litanies
II Medieval Prelude
III In the Progressive Mood
An Endless Song
"Homage to Orvieto":
I Fantasia (Homage to Landino) "Palazzo del Popolo"
II Ricercare Cromatico "Orvieto Cathedral"
III Pavana "Church of San Giovenale"
IV Canzona "Church of Sant'Agostino"


In Memoriam Keith Emerson "Ostinato" 
Gothic Dances: (Commissioned by Carson Cooman - Harvard University)
I Contraddanza - "The Knights of Piero della Francesca"
II Estampie - "Homage to Charlemagne"
III Pavana - "Hunters in the snow" by Pieter Bruegel
IV Tourdion - "Dance Macabre" by Bernt Nokte in Tallinn
V Saltarello - "Peasant wedding" by Pieter Bruegel
VI Canzona Gotica "The Cathedral of San Biagio in Montepulciano"

“Quattro Fioretti di San Francesco” (Commissioned by Carson Cooman - Harvard University)
(Four Little Flowers of St. Francis)
I. "Il pranzo mistico di Santa Chiara e San Francesco" (Fioretto XV)
II. "San Francesco addomestica le tortore selvagge" (Fioretto XXII)
III. "Cristo appare a Giovanni della Verna" (Fioretto XLIX)
IV. "San Francesco converte il lupo di Gubbio” (Fioretto XXI)

Gothic Canon, Mystic Vocalise and Organum for Adelio

Meditation on “Ein Feste Burge”

White Prelude n.2 “Homage to Chaucer”

"Ad Lucem"

Variations on "Scarborough Fair"


Works for Piano


Blue Prelude
Night Song – To Bill Evans


Gymnopédie n.0 –To Erik Satie
Dark and Light – "The Book of Gandalf" (Poem for Piano)


Meditation on "Horizons" – To Steve Hackett
Blue Ostinato – To Keith Jarrett
Paradise: Prologue (Poem for Piano) from "The Divine Comedy"
Medieval Melodies (n.1 "Theoden's Meditation" – n.2 "The Knight of Rohan")
Galadriel – Elf Song
The Hobbit Book – Bilbo and Gandalf (Poem for Piano)


Iliad: Book III and Book XVI (from Homer)


The Lament for Gandalf (Poem for Piano)


"Nastagio degli Onesti" (Day 5 – Tale 8) from "The Decameron" by Giovanni Boccaccio


Song for Nadja
Ricercare "Pienza Cathedral"

Chamber Music


Bilbo's Dream (dedicated to John Hackett) - Solo Flute
Gymnopédie n.0 (To Erik Satie)
Six Vocalises (Soprano or Flute/Saxophone/Violin and organ/piano)
Prelude in memory of Maurice Ravel (for Flute/Saxophone and organ)
Nastagio degli Onesti (from The Decameron)

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Kevin Bowyer Plays "In Memoriam Messiaen"

KEVIN BOWYER Plays: Visions from Rohan - The Golden Town

David Briggs Plays Marco Lo Muscio (Ostinato Prelude n.3 & Prelude in Memory of Ravel)

Ostinato (Four Hands): Bowyer & Lo Muscio